Morning Prayer for December 14

My dear Lord, the day begins and I can wake up in your presence thanking you for granting me the miracle of life once again. My strength has been restored thanks to this rest that you gave me, now I am about to start a day full of possibilities in my favor.

Thank you for the infinite kindness that you show me, thank you that I can feel joy within my heart, and thank you for all the blessings that you place for me in your magnificent creation.This morning, Divine Father, I just want to express my love and my praise to you, that my prayer for you be a constant in my life.

I ask you, blessed Lord, to allow moments that leave a great lesson in my life, which allow me to think and reflect.Give me the wisdom to make the best decisions that serve to become a good child of yours, develop my intelligence and my skills when I have to carry out my work activities.

Holy Father, this morning, I ask you to bless the work of my family.  Bless their studies and all the plans they have in mind. Allow them to be in good health during this journey, protect their roads and paths, give them the strength they need to face the adversities that may arise.

Keep us united in prayer that we do not give up when there is a difficult trial. Eternal Father, be the center of our life and pour out your holy spirit during our home.Give us the necessary food to share and do not let us fall into the tribulations of life. Give us the strength to continue on your way, oh God.

Merciful God, I put all my trust in You, I place all my hope in your hands and all my problems, I put them under your feet. I ask You to take into consideration all my wishes, my plans and my anxieties, so that this new day that is beginning, You manage it completely.

Enlighten my steps on this day, clarify and clear the doubts that may be in my mind. My Lord, allow me to be of use in your plans of salvation. Make me the messenger of your word, may my actions reflect your love and may I manifest to the world how powerful your name is, my God.

God of armies, remove from me all attempts at temptation by the enemy, that the worries and problems that may arise do not make me doubt your power, your love, your mercy. Give me the humility I need to be a servant of my brothers and to bring hope to those people who today live in darkness, far from your grace.

Thank you, blessed God, for listening to my humble prayer, thank you because I know that you will give me what I am asking you, because I know that your powerful hand will cover my walk and will hold me when I pass moments of need. May this day be filled with your blessings and may I find the solution to my problems. All this I ask in the name of your beloved son, Jesus, Amen.

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