Morning Prayer for December 15

Blessed Lord, this morning I kneel before You to thank You for the infinite love that You show me every dawn. Thank you for giving me once again the opportunity to get out of bed in good health. I know that today you will be willing to guide my steps on the path of righteousness and you will always give me the strength I will need to face adversity.

Thank you, good Father, because when I wake up I can see that the radiant sun will accompany and illuminate my path. I want to thank you because I woke up very well, with a lot of energy and desire to do my activities and because I have the determination to do very good things for today.

Today I want you to take absolute control of my life, I want to give you everything I have because everything comes from your hand.I want to ask you to take out of my head, all the worries, all the sadness, and all the fears that prevent me from moving forward. Give me the courage I need to face it all and hold my hand to emerge victorious from the battles of life.

Divine King, You know what the problems that cause me to regret are and what more hardships bring me, so I also offer them before You. Give me the calm not to despair and the wisdom to give better solutions to what I am going through. Thank you because day by day you bring me closer to experiencing your peace, because day by day you surround my heart with happiness and because you are the strong rock where I can find refuge.

Increase my faith constantly, heavenly Father, come close to me and give me the possibility to become a man of prayer, firm in his convictions. I want to be full of breath to spread my faith.

My God, I want to ask you this morning for my family, for their lives, for their hearts, and for their homes. I thank each of the members of my family because you do not abandon them and place food on their tables to nourish their bodies. Thank you because you stay with them when they need you the most.

Help us, Lord, to pray with great force, increase our faith and hold us together when problems knock on our door. May our actions reflect that we know you and that we preach how wonderful you are, Holy Father.

I also ask You for people who have lost hope in life, for those who suffer from illnesses, for those who are experiencing unemployment, for those with family problems, and for those who have lost trust in You. Merciful Lord, pour out your graces on them and make them feel your presence in their lives so that they will straighten their paths and return to you.

Dear King, thank you for paying attention to my prayer. Everything I ask and thank you for, I do it with great devotion and humility. I put this whole day in your hands so that You can direct the sails of my boat and allow me to find new horizons full of many blessings. All this I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, our only Lord, Amen.

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