Morning Prayer for December 16

Blessed Lord, Father of goodness and only king of my life, this morning I prostrate myself before You to thank You for the happiness of waking me up once more. Thank you, my God, because the blazing sun and the morning breeze remind me of the immense love you have for the world and especially for me. Your presence envelops my life since my eyes open to start a new day.

I also want to thank you for the beautiful family that you give me, thank you for the health with which they support them. Thank you for their interests and projects, thank you because you take care of their hearts from the evil that exists in the world, and thank you because you never let them go through need, Bless God.

Precious and eternal God, thank you that you do not let us fall before problems, because you allowed us to know you, and that way we are much stronger, we stick together giving each other love and support.

Merciful Lord, on this day that begins, I want to ask your forgiveness if I fall from weakness and doubt if things do not go as I have planned. Forgive me because you know that I am a weak servant who, when I distance myself from You, that I am exposed and at the disposal of the enemy.

Do not remove your protective hand from me, or from my family. Always guide me along the paths of good, removing all evil from my path. Give me the wisdom and patience necessary to make the best decisions. Grant me your favor on this beautiful day.

Help me to live this day with great enthusiasm, bless God, bring me closer to You, and allow me to know You more. I want to offer you my whole life completely because I am sure that your plans are perfect. I know that the desires of my heart are fulfilled day by day if it is your Holy Will.

Wrap my life in your graces and protect me from all evil that may lie in wait. Be my shield against difficult times and my refuge where I sought comfort. Father God, be my sustenance, be my strength, and use me to reflect your love to others. Give prosperity and success to my work in my job to achieve the abundance that I seek in life.

I know that your mercy knows no limits, that I must always live under your protection, and that you will always respond to the cry of my prayer. Divine Father, I want to ask You in a special way for all those people who are going to start the day with an additional burden, so that You are the one who will ease their sorrows and help them resolve their moments of anguish.

Thank you, blessed Lord, for this new day that I am about to begin. Fill my heart with your immeasurable love and give me the peace I need to live this morning with a great sense.I trust that my prayer will be heard and that you will grant me a day full of many blessings. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, our mighty Lord, Amen.

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