Morning Prayer for December 17

Blessed Lord, this morning I woke up with great joy knowing that you protected my rest and thus I was able to regain my strength. Thank you for granting me the grace to live one more day. I ask you to give me the wisdom and prudence to live this gift, enjoying all its moments to the fullest.

Thank you, beloved Father, because I am sure that this day will be full of possibilities to be better. I trust that you will accompany me for the rest of the day and that you will be looking out for my interests. My God, your love is infinite and the things you give me are incomparable, that is why I proclaim to the world your powerful and victorious name, the only one worthy of all praise and honor.

Lord, I ask you that if the day does not turn out as I hope, do not allow me to fall into sadness and discouragement. Help me to understand that there is always a better plan than what I propose, there will always be a new opportunity to do things and to understand that You know the perfect time in which my wishes will be fulfilled.

My God, on this day I ask you to mold my life as the potter molds clay so that you can use my skills and the gifts you gave me to carry the message of love to people who need it. I want to bring closer to you those who ignore your presence, those who are dejected by the harshness of life, and who stopped trusting you. May my words and actions serve as motivation, Lord, to improve their lives.

This morning, beloved Father, I want to ask You for the most important people for me, I want to ask You for my family, for my friends, and for those who are in my day to do much better. Do not abandon them and always show them your mercy, so that they know this path that I know and can approach You with much more fervor.

May we continue to pray together as a family today, supporting each other in times when difficulties arise. Give us, God bless, that encouragement we need to move forward. Never abandon our home, neither with the food nor with the roof that we need to live in peace.

I ask you, Lord, this morning to take over my life, protect me and give me your company. Inspire me day by day and make me a good servant of yours. Allow me to carry out the work you have planned.

Enlighten my paths, guide my steps on the paths of righteousness, and give me obedience and prudence to obey your commands, Divine Father. Remove all kinds of evil from me, heal me from the disease I suffer, help me to get the job I am looking for, and keep my faith firm to continue trusting in your promises.

Lord of love, Can this day be very prosperous. Help me to take the right steps with great joy. Let me feel that you love me and that you will fill this morning with many blessings. I put all the illusions that I have in your hands. All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and God, Amen.

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