Morning prayer for December 18

I thank you, blessed Lord because one more day dawns by your side. Thank you because you allowed my body to rest all night and today it wakes me up with much more enthusiasm and joy. Blessed Lord, today I want to thank you and praise you constantly because through your creation you show me all your love.

 I especially want to ask you, my God, for people who wake up with difficulty, for those who are not in good health, for those who are suffering from a difficult illness, or for those who are worried about having lost a job.

Give them the opportunity, blessed God, to find hope and faith in your name. May they experience your love again and may they feel joy knowing that you have not forgotten them. Wait for us because they need You, help them find their way back to your home, loving Father. Grant them the opportunity to seek you and find you so that you become their need.

My Lord, thank you for filling my life with joyful moments, thank you that you always give me more than I need, because your goodness is infinite and because your love is incomparable. Thank you for allowing my body to be healthy. Don’t let go of my hand even though I am not worthy of your blessings.

God, I also want to thank you for my family, for those people who give my life more meaning. Thank you for my parents, for my children, for my husband, for my wife, for my brothers, for all those people who trust me and always give me the support I need in all life situations.

This morning, blessed God, I ask you to cleanse the hearts of the people I love, remove all evil that may haunt them. Protect them from the enemy’s intentions and direct their steps on the path of righteousness. Help us to obey and follow your commands in order to achieve the happiness that we seek so much.

Almighty Lord, I ask you on this day not to take your hand off me, keep me safe from temptations by helping me to value all the blessings that you put in my way. Give me the humility and simplicity to be able to share the same blessings with the rest of my brothers, Oh blessed God.

Every day I need You, every moment is important by your side. Do not leave me alone, oh my good God, because without You I can lose myself. This morning, I sincerely praise you and give glory to your name, Most High Lord, because you have placed me on the highest level and have put me ahead of those who humbled me. You, eternal God, make the humble grow great by your immense grace.

Thank you, blessed Lord, because I have full confidence that my prayers are being heard. Grant me a beautiful day full of many blessings and if not, give me opportunities where I can understand how wonderful your plans are, oh King of Kings. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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