Morning Prayer for December 19

Wonderful Lord, loving Father and infinite goodness, I appear before You full of much joy and enthusiasm to thank You for this new day that you place before my eyes. Thank you for your immense love that makes all this creation that you made can be enjoyed one more day.

This morning I can only have words of happiness, praise, and honor for you. Holy Father, because your works are wonderful, your miracles are amazing and your mercy is infinite. May the whole earth adore you and sing cheers and praises to your mighty name forever and ever!

I come to thank you, blessed Lord, for all the beautiful blessings with which you fill my days.  Thank you for everything you put in my life: my family, my friends, my work, my studies, and all my work. Thank you because day by day you illuminate my path with your resplendent light and because you pour out your spirit on me to be cleansed of the evils that may lurk.

Thank you because you allowed my body to rest from the bustle of yesterday and because today I woke up with that message of strength and perseverance spinning in my head. Blessed God, in You I find everything I need to be happy.

I want to ask you this morning about the people who are very important to me. I want to ask you for my family so that you are always with them. Watching their labors, guiding their steps, and straightening their paths so that they can find You. I ask you to pour out your blessing, my Lord, so that they may go very well on this day that is beginning.

I also want to ask you for mercy and compassion for all those people who suffer moments of anguish and sadness. Send strength to those who have woken up to a haunting illness or financial problem that fills them with concern. Show yourself, Blessed Lord, as a light of hope in their lives so that they can find in You the wisdom they need to solve their problems so that you are the doctor who heals the ills that afflict their body.

I ask you this morning to be the refuge my heart seeks, to be the strength I need to face the trials that come my way. Almighty Lord, do not let me be without your company this day. Stay close to me as a faithful friend, as a protective father.

My God, come closer to me every day, guide my steps and guide my life under your mandates to make this day a day full of profit and prosperity. Pour blessings on my abilities to perform well at work that allows me to obtain the abundance that I seek to support my home.

Thank you, my God, because I am extremely happy to know that my prayer is being heard, so I am about to start my day with the confidence that you will know how to answer my request in the perfect moments.  All this I ask in the powerful name of Jesus Christ, the only way and the only truth, Amen.

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