Morning Prayer for December 20

Precious God, the sunlight announces the arrival of a new day, the little birds sing, the gentle breeze shows me how magnificent your creation is. My eyes open, I wake up full of happiness because my body has rested enough to start a morning full of many challenges.

I thank you because I am confident that today you will grant me a day full of many goals to meet. My God, guide my steps so as not to get lost on this day, to do better things, and to find the happiness and that peace that I am looking for.

Merciful Father, this morning I want to tell you that I love you because I feel your presence with me from the first moment of the morning. Thank you for all the beautiful things that you have prepared for me, which you put close so that I can go for them. Thank you for this new awakening and for the health with which I woke up.

I want to ask you, my God, for the people who are waking up immersed in worry, in economic problems, in the lack of employment. People who are going through some illness or adverse situation, so that it is You who can alleviate and take care of their needs.

Pour out many blessings on them, so that they find their way back and guide their lives by seeking your presence. This morning, Divine Lord, I ask you for the world, for those who have lost their compass, for those who have lost hope, for those who are submerged in corruption, and for those who stop believing in your word.

I also want to ask you for my family, so that you take care of them and protect them on this day. Give them a lot of strength so that they can withstand the tests of this morning, grant them the security to go to their jobs or to their work, and to be able to return safely to their homes, O my good God.

Help us to find a way to always stay together to be united in prayer for our brothers. I want to live with joy and hope each day that is put before us. Precious God, help us to understand that our life, without You, would be inexplicable and unsustainable.

Loving Father, I entrust this day to You so that You help me to live this gift with the good sense that You want. Guide my steps, give me the necessary wisdom to make good decisions, and thus be able to fulfill all my wishes and the plans I have for today.

May I never lack your blessing, Lord. I thank you because I know that you listen to my prayer with patience and love. I know that you will grant me the requests that I am praying to you. All this I ask in the powerful name of your only Son, Christ Jesus, the only Lord, and giver of life, Amen.

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