Morning prayer for December 21

Precious God, Father of mercy and Lord of my life, I approach You this morning to thank You for your infinite love. I owe you all the wonderful blessings you put into my day. I ask you, Lord, that you grant me a calm and serene day, without disturbances and that you give me the enthusiasm to know how to live it.

A new day is about to begin for me. My body is rested and has regained its strength. My mind only plans to go out and live this beautiful gift that you gave me. Thank you, my God, because everything you do for me, you do it perfectly, thank you that you have something planned for me.

This morning I want to thank you for everything you give me without me having to deserve it. Thank you for the roof where I can take refuge, where I can have a space to share with my family. Thank you because you always put food on my table so as not to go hungry, thank you, God, because you cover my house with your love and your peace, to live in harmony and calm.

I ask you, my good God, for my family, for the people who are with me in my joys and in my sadness, in my triumphs and in my defeats. I ask you to grant them the necessary health to carry out their activities and so that they can share many more moments at home.

I open the doors of my heart so that you stay to well in it, stay to dwell in the middle of my life. Lord, make me an instrument of your peace so that I can spread that happiness and love to the people who need you. Grant me the grace to be able to carry your message of love to the people around me.

Teach me to rejoice in this day, to believe your promises, and to experience your goodness. Beloved Father, increase my strength to face trials and give me the strength to continue on this complicated path of life. Stay close to me as the faithful friend that you are and as the protective father who loves me above all else.

Merciful Lord, remove from me all sin and all evil intentions so that my heart is clean at the end of the day and I can please you with my actions. Don’t leave me alone when there are difficult times, my God because it will be when I need you the most.

My good Lord, I put all my projects, desires, and problems at your feet, trusting that You will take my needs into account and give me what I need to achieve and in what time I need it. Give me the tolerance and docility to understand that if my plans have not yet been realized it is for some good reason and that You have something much better prepared for me.

Almighty God, I am about to start the day, I wake up full of confidence and joy because I know that my prayer is being heard. Give me the prudence and good sense to live this beautiful morning accompanying me at all times and in all trials. All this I ask in the name of Jesus, your Son, and our Lord, Amen.

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