Morning Prayer for December 22

Almighty Lord, the night has already ceased. The sun shines this morning with all its glint. I prepare to get up and live, with great enthusiasm, this day that you give me. Thank you, I give you for making my body have a restorative rest of its strength and taking care of my dreams. I know you can remove bad thoughts and fears that may arise.

Thank you, My God, because, since my eyes open, I can feel your sublime company and your great love. I ask you that today is very favorable for me, that you help me achieve the goals that I have planned, and that you have my actions so that they are to your liking.

You, Holy Lord, are my shield with which I will face my day. If you are with me, nothing can be against me. I praise and glorify you because I have recognized that you are the only truth and the only way. I must follow that You are a good God. You do impossible things. That is why I prostrate myself before your presence to praise you, to bless and exalt you.

This morning, Heavenly Father, I ask you to watch over my family, watch their steps, watch the paths they can take and the decisions they can choose. Dear God, may your wisdom be placed on their minds for what they have the clarity to carry out their activities and thus obtain the benefits they want to achieve.

Keep us in constant union, in even prayer, supporting each other to get out of difficult moments with ease. May we overcome life situations holding your hand and placing our trust in You.

Don’t stop putting a plate of food on our tables and give us the push we need to not lose in the tests. Bless our home with your grace and stand before us so that the enemy has no chance to enter our lives.

Remove the evil from my life, the stains from my soul.  I beg You that all the thoughts that don’t come from You are expelled from my mind and heart. Do not allow me to fall into sin, dear Lord. Illuminate the decisions that I can make, that I can choose the ones that are most favorable for me.

This morning, I also ask you for people mired in the confusion and routine of this world. I ask you for those who have fallen into despair. I beg for the people who need You and who do not know. Pour your mercy over their lives and make them need you, to know you, and to live under your mandates.

Blessed God, I know how immense your love is and how great your mercy is. I ask you to stay by my side for the rest of the day and allow me to achieve my goals. All this I ask of you under the mediation of your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

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