Morning prayer for December 24

Precious and adored Lord, you give me a new day. I open my eyes to see the sunlight announcing this beautiful morning you prepared for all your children. How beautiful is knowing that you love me as a child of yours. How beautiful it is to be able to feel that heat that only You radiate with your love, with your presence flooding this day that rises in the sky.

I do not want to start my day without presenting myself in front of You, good Father, because there are so many things that I want to tell You. I want to give You Are so many things to start my day because of knowing that You support me. There is so much that I want to thank you too.  I want to proclaim with words your greatness and say that only you are the God of victory.

First of all, I want to thank you, Lord Almighty, for taking care of me. Thank you, my good God, because you gave me a beautiful family that, although it is not perfect because of the problems. I know I can count on them unconditionally. Thank you so much for giving me a home, my God, for putting bread on my table, and because you never stop meeting our every need.

On this new day that begins, I want to put my whole life in your hands, Lord, I want to pray for the lives of all my loved ones who surround me. I know that it is You, with your powerful hand, who guides our steps and guides us on the correct and safe way, where you are the only way, the only way to reach salvation.

Take my heart on this day, Holy Lord, take my illusions, my goals, those dreams for which I fight daily, and those for which I still do not dare to work that I can have the necessary wisdom that comes from You. So I can make the best decisions to work, get ahead for me and all mine so I can fulfill all my obligations on this day, God of my life.

You know my needs, Lord, worries, and everything that causes me anguish and despair. Please, God, grant me the possibility of coming out victorious and triumphant from all obstacles that get in my way. I know that I will not lose faith. Rather, allow that my faith be restored by your Divine grace and your blessed mercy.

Keep me on this day, good Father, from all the dangers in the world, from conflicts, from fights and misunderstandings, help me to overcome the difficulties that arise; economic, labor, or even health difficulties. Surround me with your love, dear Lord, and fill me with your blessing.

In this prayer, blessed heavenly Father, I also raise a prayer to you for all those who suffer, the abandoned children, the people in need, and for all the people who work hard every day to bring bread to their homes.  Please my God, help them in their needs, do not leave them alone for a moment, and embrace them with your love, peace, and much hope.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, Lord, for always being attentive to my supplication. Guide me on this day, my beloved Father, every minute, every second. I know that You go with me, in front of me, as a protective shield, watching over my well-being and allowing me to move forward. All this I ask and thank you in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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