Morning Prayer for January 25

Dear God, this morning I want to thank you because my eyes are open and I can contemplate one more morning. Thank you because I’ve felt loved and supported by you since the beginning of the day. I am about to have a day full of much profit and many moments that may be pleasing to your eyes.

Every sunrise is much more precious if you are by my side, Father of goodness. Give me the wisdom to know how to live this day prudently and sensibly, so that my actions reflect love and happiness for my brothers and sisters and that they may find in me a servant of God.

Blessed Father, may my family receive your blessings and gifts this morning. Take care of the steps they can take, the decisions they can make, and keep them healthy in the places they have to visit. Take care of their jobs, their homes, and do not abandon them at any time.

Unite us more and more, fill us with your presence and remove from our hearts all envy, suspicion, greed, and all feelings that can damage our hearts. Give us a lot of patience to understand each other, to support us when the problem comes to our home, not to despair when we have to face a delicate illness in one of us or when we have to overcome a moment of discomfort.

My God, help me to rejoice in the moments of happiness that you gave me on this day. Allow me to share and enjoy those moments with the people most important to me. Give me your grace to rejoice when I complete my projects, when I achieve a goal, or when I win a battle for which I have fought for a long time. My Lord may glory be yours forever.

Don’t let it falter if things don’t go the way I expect them to. Give me the patience to understand and to await your moments. Feed me with your word every day. Help me to grow in spirit and be completely satisfied with your truth. Lord, may my life be a testimony of your love, of your presence, and of all that it proclaims. Make me an instrument that can connect many more people with you through prayer.

My beloved Lord, this morning I want to ask your forgiveness because I recognize myself as imperfect before You, I recognize that I am weak and that doubt takes hold of my mind easily. I ask that your presence flood me in those moments, that my faith increase and become stronger, that I close my ears to the words that want to distance me from your grace and strengthen my soul, my good God.

Cover me and protect me with your mighty hand. Heal the ills that my body and soul may be suffering from, and cleanse me of all feelings that do not come from you. Change me and renew me, blessed Father, so that each dawn I can fall more in love with You, Lord.

Merciful Lord, I trust that you will be with me all day long, that you will not go away, and you will never leave me. You will be with me, supporting me at all times. Hear my pleas and give me a very peaceful day, full of your peace and your hope. All this I ask in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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