Morning Prayer for August 1

Most High Lord, the sky has cleared with a radiant sun that illuminates my entire room, welcoming me to this new and wonderful day. You are always a caring Father my God, thank you for the first signs of your waiting and your love, I am so blessed to be able to perceive with all my senses the wonders of your creation. My heart yearns to do better than yesterday.

This morning I want to begin, praising You in all that You say and do, for You alone Lord, are holy in all the splendor of Your goodness and love. I am completely grateful for these gifts and miracles of life. All honor and glory always be to You, in heaven and on earth, may all that I breathe always crown You Lord.

Beloved Lord, thank you for showering my life with many blessings, for in spite of the difficulties, the power of your grace is greater and the storms are calmed. Thank you for sowing in me the need to seek you all the time, because sincerely without you my life would have no sense to live it.

Today I hope to be able to accomplish all that I have planned with great joy, with my spirits full, influenced by all the love that you spread in my life and in the lives of all your dear children. Because You are present from the soft breeze that caresses my face, even in the embrace of my parents, I am pleased to know that You have called me again, to be a faithful witness of all that You do for the world.

Stay by my side, blessed God, do not let the enemy take advantage of my weaknesses and make me leave the path that You have traced for me. For when You are near me, I have nothing to fear and I look more securely to You.

To You, Lord, I raise my soul, because I trust in You completely, You are my eternal God of infinite mercy, today I want to consecrate myself in body and spirit to Your love. I want to do everything you ask of me, I know that you have a plan of life for me, and I ask you to give me the necessary obedience to accept all your precepts. Make me always recognize your ways and in the truth of your word, lead my steps to you.

If things do not work out in my favor, come Lord, stay with me so that I do not enter into despair. Because your times are the most perfect, they are beyond our limited logic, help me to understand, to accept with a smile on my face, hopeful that always comes a great blessing, behind some bitter drink of life.

Thank you again for this beautiful gift, I am ready to start it with all my strength, my hopes and my love. I hope that everything I do may please you and praise your holy Name, become the center of my triumphs and defeats, O beautiful God.

Nourish my soul with your word and direct my walk with great humility, may nothing stop me this day, neither bad memories, nor problems, nor mockery, or offensive words, because I am yours blessed Father, and with you watching my back, there will be nothing that I cannot overcome. I love you my Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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