Morning Prayer for August 2

Incomparable Lord, very good morning, I feel with a happy heart and a more rested mind, ready to start this day with a big smile. Thank you blessed Father for this beautiful gift of being able to wake up together to a new dawn in your divine presence.

Thank you for the indispensable details that you give me daily, from the air I breathe, the range of beautiful colors in the sky, the shade of the trees, the warmth of the sun, are privileges given with much love by You, but that many times we do not value and we let them pass.

I am also very grateful because I have the joy of being able to see and share with my family once again, thank you for their lives, because after you, my Lord, they are the beings I love the most, the most important things in my life.

Thank You for the union that You maintain between us, because the love that You sow, makes us look at each other as You do on most occasions, and because in spite of the differences that will always exist, the bonds of blood and fraternal affection, help us to continue supporting each other. 

With this awakening, I come to adore you my God, to proclaim all your beauty and your holiness. May my praises encourage all my brothers so that your name may always be glorious, for you leave no creature without the embrace of your blessing. Blessed are you forever good Father, my lips repeat all your wonders and looking towards heaven, I raise to your altar all my affection, all my love for you Lord.

Today I have the hope that it will be a day full of miracles, of those that for some are irrelevant, but for me they elevate my faith. Give me always the need of You wonderful Lord, that the only thing that will always accompany me is the hunger, thirst for your presence and my desire to remain in communion with You forever.

Thank you for the home that you give me, for the basic needs that you cover, for the daily bread, for the clothes to protect my body from the inclemency of the environment, for the health that helps me to carry out my activities well, for the spirit of trust. Please do not turn away Lord, everything is beautiful when you are present.

In a special way today I ask You, for the day of the people who face some illness, so that You and their families may be the fundamental support so that they never give up and their emotional life does not collapse. In spite of pain and suffering, may they never stop turning to You, may they never stop seeking You. Embrace them in your mercy always Lord.

On this day I put to your will all that I have prepared to achieve, I hope to please you with all my actions so that little by little I may have a place in full happiness above in your kingdom. Do not allow the enemy to corrupt me, be my faithful squire dear Father, I ask this in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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