Morning Prayer for August 3

Patient and gracious Lord, a new day begins with the warm embrace you give me through the sun, thank you for this warm welcome. As the sky takes on color, I place myself at your disposal with my prayer. I want to begin by thanking you for the joy of being alive, because I am standing with new visions and new opportunities to undertake.

Today, I want to thank you for all that you are giving me in the first hours of the day. Thank you heavenly Father, for the home I have where I feel safe, for the food you place on my table with love, for the work that dignifies my life, for everything you give me with love, thank you my Lord.

Blessed and praised be your name at all times and in all places, because you fix your gaze on my smallness, no matter the age or the state in which we are currently, you always extend your arms to receive us as your little ones, glory to you forever.

With much affection I entrust my family to You, so that they may be cared for, protected by You. May all their dreams, their ideals and their goals be placed in your divine will. May all their fears and everything that prevents them from accomplishing all that You have entrusted to them. 

Thank you for the treasure of friendship that you give me, because in each friend I can find you, I can feel your presence and your company, through their advice, their love and fraternal correction. Because they have always been with me celebrating my triumphs, cushioning my falls and dividing my sorrows.

I ask you to give them a wonderful day, where they can fulfill all their goals, face all their fears and continue learning new things, continue in your search, which fills them with much harmony in their souls and wherever they go. 

I would like my God, that you be the center, the priority in everything I exist and do, because You give me many reasons to be happy. Thank You for showing me the different ways to follow in Your ways, to persevere. Today I have a long day ahead of me and I ask you to please accompany me.

Help me so that this day may be entirely for You, guide my thoughts so that I may always act with righteousness and so that I may always come out of problems with good solutions. Thank you pious Father, for listening with willingness to all that I share with you through this prayer.

Every moment that passes my heart continues to thank you Lord, I trust that everything will happen according to what you have already destined for me. All that I am and have I place in the palm of your hands because your Word says that my name is there. I commend all things in the name of your beloved Son Jesus, Amen.

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