Morning Prayer for July 1

Divine God, today I wake up in your presence once again. This helps me to see life with better eyes and thank you so much for being the source of my life, the reason I wake up today to live this day to the fullest. I begin this day glorifying your name Lord, be forever holy and praised my beautiful king.

Being very early, my eyes contemplate the beautiful day that you paint for me and in it, I hope you can grant me the wisdom that my mind seeks to know how to live every detail of love that you give me, according to all your commands. 

Stay this way my God, by my side, present in everything I do, walking beside me without letting go of my hand when I feel vulnerable. Great Lord, I am convinced that if You remain in my life, I have nothing more to ask for because I have everything to be completely happy. Teach me to be happy even in the difficult, when situations get bad and everything is confusing.

Today I ask You that You may teach me to see through Your eyes, to give a much more dedicated service to others, to be humble, empathetic and in solidarity with all the people who need You. I desire that all of them may know You through my testimony, teach me to be an example Lord, I want to improve, to serve more and more and if possible, even to give my life for my brothers.

My soul longs for you and my heart is ready to live every victory in everything that is accomplished, following you in obedience and charity. Protect me from all evil Lord, from everything that wants to distract me and ruin all the plans that I have prepared today.

Fill with many blessings the home where I share with all my family, bless their lives too and give them a day full of much profit, so that they always value every sign of selfless love that you give them. May today be a day full of joy because you are in our midst as your word says and because you will be with us until the end of time. 

Thank you for the food that daily you do not allow to be missing on my table, because you bless my home with great care and fill the lives of my family with goodness, because you always help us to overcome difficulties. Thank You my God because my family knows about You and because they try daily to please You with their attitudes.

I ask You to continue accompanying us for the rest of the day and give me the certainty that my prayer is listened to with great affection by You so that You may illuminate step by step and guide me on the best path that leads me to salvation and eternal happiness. Fill my heart with peace and harmony to reflect what you are wherever I go.

Thank you for this new day that will unfold according to your precepts. Place your hand upon mine and let us embark together on this new opportunity filled with blessing. Shine your light upon me and mine beloved Father, in Jesus’ most holy name, Amen.

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