Morning Prayer for July 10

My faithful Lord, today I wake up with much hope in my eyes and with my body recharged with energy to begin a new adventure together. Thank You because I can wake up and put all my senses towards You to contemplate You from creation, motivating my heart to start a day full of faith and many good tidings.

Thank you precious Father, for this new dawn full of life, because you lend me health to be able to carry out all my activities without problems, because I have my family once again with me to complete my happiness in your presence. They are part of the motivation of my days to continue persevering in your ways. 

Blessed God, consider with much affection all the projects I have in mind to carry them out successfully, but if your will has a change of plans today, teach me to be able to follow you in obedience, to be able to understand and comprehend all that you do for me, because I will be able to achieve everything if my trust is founded in you.

This morning, I would like to entrust my loved ones to You, so that You may bless their lives and this new day that shines for them as well. With this new dawn erase their guilt, for the bad decisions they made at some point. Fill their minds with light from your face so that they may always choose the best paths for their benefits and never forget to be pleasing to you and humble of heart.

Merciful Lord, I pray with all my heart for the people who still do not know you, who did not have the opportunity to have someone show them your love through a sincere embrace or a look of hope, for those who believe that they are only good for doing bad things, that this is the best way to get what they want. 

May everything that happens today, may it serve as a lesson for me to learn more of You, of what You promise and want us to form in our souls. I want to grow with You my God, so that tomorrow or later I can be a reflection of all that You show me for others and always give a good sense to my existence and theirs.

I want you to know that with each dawn I seek you, and from the secret I wish to live always in grace with you, to have the possibility to know you a little more, to love your mysterious divinity and to strengthen our bonds of friendship and fraternity.

Heavenly Father, may my heart never tire of glorifying you nor of speaking to you in every prayer, because your presence has come to me at the precise moment of my weakness and there I want to remain forever. 

I place in your hands this wonderful day, I ask you to accompany me in every step I take and if at any moment I fall, help me to get up, because for you there is no deep abyss from which you cannot pull us out. For your love always wins and makes everything more beautiful. I trust in You, my God, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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