Morning Prayer for July 11

Most High Lord, today the light of your presence comes to flood my whole room and I feel very happy because you welcome the new day with much affection. Thank You for calling me to You once again with the voice of a Father full of tenderness.

I have the illusion that this day will be very special, only You know what You have prepared for me, I do not know the projects that You have for me daily, but for the first reason of being here alive and being able to talk to You, makes me think that I already have a good purpose marked.

Today I want to live this day as if it were my last, Lord, to take advantage of every grace, every blessing that you give me. Leaving all the bad things behind, I want to start my life again with You, to live with joy and enthusiasm every minute of this day. 

May everything I am going to do or say today, speak good things about You precious Lord, I want to please You and I do not want to fail You. May my life be a faithful testimony of your existence for those who do not recognize you as the best way to full happiness. 

I place this new day in your hands, divine Lord; I want to remain in your mercy forever. Protect mine also, so that they may have a very profitable day, help us to be able to continue on the path with righteousness, to be a mirror of your message. Send your Holy Spirit to be my faithful companion this day, to follow me wherever you send me, in every corner, in every space from my home.

You are the only one who knows my destiny and what is in store for me in a few hours or minutes, so I want to leave everything at your disposal so that you may guide my every glance, every word and step I take, for I am sure that with you things will go better.

Help me to make all my dreams, my desires and my purposes come true, to work very hard as if everything depended on me and to take refuge with great faith in your Word as if everything depended solely and entirely on You, merciful Father.

Pour upon me all the blessings and gifts I need to walk according to your designs. Help me to discern properly and give me the wisdom to be able to make decisions assertively, in the hope of obtaining the best solution to everything that comes my way.

This day I want to live it as You command; with joy and optimism, because nothing else is needed but your real presence. Thank You for taking into account my prayers majestic Lord, continue to be by my side, I need You so much to live this day well, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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