Morning Prayer for July 12

Adorable Lord, today I dawn again at your side, what a beautiful gift you give me. Thank you, because you place everything just and necessary to be able to live with happiness. That is why today with my eyes to the blue sky and my heart in your hands, I exalt your blessed name Lord.

Every day you never cease to surprise me my God, you always have new things to show and many ways to express your love for me, although many times we do not take it into account, because sin clouds us.

Thank you Lord of my life, for taking care of me all night long, for watching over every second of my rest and for keeping away everything that has wanted to harm me. Today I have the certainty that you will accompany me in everything I do today, encouraging me with all your protection, your significant signs of goodness and your guidance.

Come heavenly Father, do not turn away, surround me with your grace and restore my heart as well. Help me to calm some anxieties that I may have for some tense situations that I may be going through, may all that hurts me vanish as soon as possible Lord.

May this day I can bring new and good things to my life. I wish that smiles and the satisfaction of sharing good moments accompany me all the time and that all thoughts of defeat go to the side of this room, in your name I close the doors to everything that does not make me see your face, or feel in your love. 

I would also like, that through this day, I can make amends for the mistakes I made before. I have a new opportunity and I do not want to waste it my Lord. I do not want to take my eyes off You, I want to follow all your steps and make things better today.

Beautiful Father, You who can do all things, I ask You to help me to be more understanding with my neighbor, to be more charitable, to think more of others than of myself. Give me the humility I need to assume the mistakes I may make and to recognize myself as a person who makes mistakes, who is under construction and who cannot do things well if I do not walk hand in hand with you.

Protect me from the wickedness of the enemy, loving God, take me everywhere I go. Deliver me from the insults of the people and from the mistreatment that they want to do to me. I want to be protected by You, my Lord, I entrust myself to You.

May this day that You give me be a day of great comfort for my soul, that through all that I experience, I may once again experience the immensity of Your love. Hold my hand, do not leave me alone because I can do nothing if you are not with me. If at any time some things turn out differently, help me to accept your will, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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