Morning Prayer for July 13

Beautiful God of infinite goodness, today begins a new and special day for us. A new dawn in which I imagine that it will be full of many blessings and diverse moments to be able to make the best decisions. 

I begin this new dawn, offering You my sincere gratitude because I have a new possibility to love You, to learn more about You, about me and about my brothers and sisters. Because I was able to wake up in a safe place, away from the danger of the streets and because You have also protected my family, a very important pillar in my life.

This morning where the sun is clearing all darkness from the sky, I offer you my day, my actions, the work that you give me so that you take the wheel of it all and lead them by good reins, protected from all evil that wants to harm them. 

I know that this day will have its nuances, that not everything will be rosy. When the difficulty comes, with greater emphasis remain at my side, Lord. Give me the necessary strength not to give up and continue with your plans, give me enough patience not to fall into despair and the intelligence to keep calm before acting, look for the best time to see how to solve this problem. 

Fill this day with much blessing for my family and the lives of my dearest friends. Enlighten their minds to remain calm in the face of a complication. Keep their jobs and all their activities that they are willing to do today.

Many times Lord, it is easier to witness in the streets, with strangers, than in our homes, with our families. You know perfectly well the mistakes we make. That is why I ask you to keep us together, improving in love and understanding, that we do not run away from your Word and much less from your will.  

Please do not forget, Lord, to put a loaf of bread on our tables this morning, which will help us to replenish our strength to set in motion all of today’s objectives. Help us to value everything that you give us, that no matter how much or how little it may seem to be, it is just what is necessary for us not to lose sight of you and to recognize ourselves as your children.

Manifest yourself, blessed Lord, in every action I perform during the day, so that it may be a reflection of your voice and a great testimony of your love. Constantly renew my strength, in case today I have a very tiring day to accomplish today’s goal and not to stop believing in all the promises that you leave us.

I trust that you consider all that I share with you and I ask you my God, give me the grace to be able to reach the night in your presence and above all to finish all that I left unfinished, may it always be for your glory my good God, in the company of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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