Morning Prayer for July 14

Blessed God, the sun shines upon my eyes and invites me to place myself in your presence with this prayer. I begin by thanking you because today I have the joy of being able to contemplate your first gift of love with the precious sky that you painted for me today. 

Thank you precious Lord, because I can share and enjoy once again with great joy, the company of my family, my dearest friends, have a stable job and obtain everything I need to be happy. How good you are Lord!

I ask You to help me to achieve with great responsibility, all the goals that I have set today and that upon achieving them, I never forget to be grateful and if for some reason I make a mistake, help me to have the necessary humility to accept my faults and the respective corrections that my brothers can give me, because You always want the best for me.

Help me so that, with this new day, I may be a new person, better than yesterday, with more love than before and with greater tolerance to share well all the moments that I have to live with the people that you will place in this day. May I treat them with the same love with which You treat me and may I reflect You in faith and fraternity.

Teach me to forgive quickly, to no longer hold grudges that little by little consume the soul. May the ego not be greater than my recognition as an imperfect person who also makes mistakes and yet is embraced in your mercy and forgiveness. 

I have many reasons today to praise you and extol your name over all my room, over all this earth. And recognize, that there is no better decision than to follow you without turning back. Blessed are you and ever majestic Lord, may my praise flood your sky as if it were the best perfume of this world. For you work beauty with your grace, all in order to lead us to the way of salvation.

I entrust my family to you, holy Father, so that you take care of them from all evil, preserve them in good health this day and return them home with much good. May all the projects they have in mind be carried out successfully, always being of your faithful pleasure, dear God.

May my faith increase as the hours go by and may I be firm in the face of the storm, give me courage beloved Father, in case things do not go as I hope, may I not forget that your times are better than mine and that for everything that exists, there is always a ray of sunshine. I want to live with much encouragement this beautiful gift of life that you give me.

Great God, deliver me from the lurks of the enemy, from the dangers of the street or from any accident that happens daily. All this I ask in the holy name of Jesus, your Son, Amen.

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