Morning Prayer for July 15

Glorious and adored Lord, a new day arrives to my life loaded with many surprises and blessings that I will live with great illusion second by second. Today I have the great joy of contemplating you and enjoying the first warm embraces that the rays of your great star give me, that same warmth is what fills me with energy to begin a new adventure.

Blessed God, You who own everything we have, the singing of the birds, the shade of the trees, the caress of the sea breeze, this morning I ask You to take over my life, to fill my heart today with things that only honor your presence and glorify You more and more. 

Cover all my needs this morning my God, give me a job where I can honestly exercise it and thus bring a plate of food to my home, to share with my family, give me wisdom so that the best decisions are handled by You, and thus, good consequences are obtained before the situations that arise along the way. 

Help me, holy God, to be able to keep calm when things get difficult. May patience teach me to emerge victorious from those moments when the world seems to come crashing down on me. You can do all things Lord, I pray with all my heart that you will keep me under your grace so that I will not be harmed by any evil. 

That this morning, I can turn a deaf ear to the words that want to hurt my self-esteem and my desire to move forward. Although there are always people ready to destroy your plans, I know very well that there is no greater power in this world than that of your love. Protect my integrity from the storms of today, I need so much from You, my God.

I also give you everything in my life that motivates me; my family and my friends. Give us the joy of being able to share your gospel, to be able to help each other with much understanding. Teach us to forgive each other quickly and not to let ourselves be carried away by anguish or resentment, that all those negative feelings may be eliminated from this day.

Come and open doors precious Lord, that good opportunities may be favorable to us and help us to grow in knowledge and firm spirit. By your precious blood may we be purified and appreciate the meaning of your redemption for the world, to give ourselves to others as you have done.

Thank You, for this love, because wherever I go You are always there. Be my light divine Master, for if it were not for your power, I would find myself aimless. Today I trust in You, Lord, today I believe once again in Your promises, because You always have good purposes for my soul.

How beautiful You are merciful Father, how great is Your goodness and all that surrounds me. I remain at your side, attentively keeping your Word and following what moves my heart to your honor and glory Lord, in the name of the good Jesus, Amen.

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