Morning Prayer for July 16

Beloved Father, today I woke up with much happiness in my soul and with the illusion that today I can discover You in love, know more about You, about the plans You have for my life. I raise to You my gratitude for this new beginning of life and because You took care of my dreams with much tenderness as the loving Father that You are. Blessed are You Lord, I will always praise Your faithfulness and Your immense goodness.

It is beautiful to be able to wake up after a hard day. Today I feel like new, ready to live and enjoy with great awareness all that your love can offer me. Thank you because as well as these tokens of affection, you give me many more reasons not to be discouraged to continue fighting to be a good person.

Today I dispose my heart to be embraced by your mercy, to learn to live and enjoy my day with greater responsibility and enthusiasm. Accompany me in this new dawn and teach me to know how to take advantage of all the opportunities that you are giving me.

Almighty God, in You are my hopes, be my strength and my shield. All my dreams are in You, together with all that I hope to be from now on, You know what really suits my soul, what I really need, do not leave me alone Lord. 

Today guide my steps, stay by my side Lord, I need you in everything I have to do. For just as days full of happiness and joy await me, I also have some difficult days ahead of me. Keep away all the evils that want to keep me away from your path, and if at any moment I should stumble, redirect my life towards You again, divine God.

Give me wisdom to be able to choose between what I really want and what I really need, everything that will help me to be happy. Teach me to have the humility that You have to recognize myself as a sinner before You and not to stand on my own in the decisions I have to make.

May the only need that will never disappear be Yours. Thank You for giving one more day of life also to my family, because they are another of the most important gifts I have after You. Today I ask that You may take care of them from all evil, that all their afflictions and pains may be deposited in You, and converted into much strength and motivation to begin this day with much joy.

Grant us the joy of always being together, may understanding and affection always help us to grow in fraternity, following your models. Do not leave us my God, always listen to our calls. Bless their works, all the plans they have today, that when they achieve them, they do not forget You, that we can achieve everything if we have a heart trusting in your promises.

 I do not want to stop praising You nor get tired of having recourse to You through daily prayer. May it always be like daily bread, indispensable to start a day full of energy and with a spirit full of your grace. Let us walk together my Lord, I want to discover your will in everything I can live, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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