Morning Prayer for July 17

Lord of peace and goodness, very good morning. Today, as I open my eyes for the first time, I can understand that the petitions I made to you have been granted by your mercy. Today begins a new day for me, I hope it will be very profitable, I have the illusion that it will be so because you go with me. 

Do not allow me to give up so quickly if difficulties begin to appear, may I immediately receive your strength to be able to face them with firmness. I know very well that my name is kept in the palm of your hands, because you, my good God, know everything about me, my defects, my virtues, what makes me happy and what frightens me.

Lead me wisely in the paths that lead me to holiness, I am willing to do your will, blessed God. If things do not go as well as I thought they would or are outside my expectations, help me to be tolerant so that I can accept your decisions and not enter into frustration.

Bless my day Lord, my steps and may everything be under your watchfulness. May your existence be present in each of my actions, may I be your reflection in the need of many people who seek you and do not know how to turn to you.

Beautiful God, take good care of me, be the inspiration of love that fills and motivates me to walk with You every day of my life. May your protection always sow a need to seek you daily, to find your voice and to know what are the designs you have for every day and every night. In your providence is everything I have that is precious to me.

This morning I pray for my family, I entrust their work to you, give them much strength so that they do not stop in case adversity surprises them, that everything they do may glorify you and exalt your presence. Do not let the evil one take hold of their emotions nor of all their plans, keep them away from all those who interfere with your plans.

Give me a simple heart that always knows how to thank you my beautiful God, that I may trust in your Word in good and bad circumstances. Give me a generous spirit to offer my hand to my neighbor, without expecting any reward, only that which comes from your heaven, precious Father.

I hope, my God, that today you can answer all the questions that haunt my mind as the hours go by. And may the encounter I have with you be from the simplest as it can be with the gentle breath of the wind, or with the power of this humble prayer. 

May this day be very productive for me, if you will it my Lord. Walk beside me and be the light that will lead me on the most righteous and true paths, thank you for this great opportunity to love you more. All this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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