Morning Prayer for July 18

Divine Lord, very good morning. Today I wake up with my heart burning like the sun that today you capture in your sky, and the first thing I want to do is to thank you for the new morning that you put before my eyes. Thank you for one more day of life, for the blessing of being able to enjoy the first hours of the day with you, because you always fill my soul with your details.

I want to take advantage of every moment I have to live, whether it is good or bad, every lived experience does not lose its essence if it carries your hand as a blessing. Today my eyes are full of hope to see all your wonderful works my Lord, I have the illusion that it will be a wonderful day.

Good Father, thank you because you have allowed me to have a safe home, where I can come and go with peace of mind, without fear of the exposure that danger offers, because I have been able to rest well during the night. Thank you my God, because my family is accompanying me this morning, because I can embrace them and fill them with affection. 

Taking advantage of this beautiful meeting with You, I want to entrust You with all that I have planned today along with my questions, my emotions and thoughts, for You to handle them as You know how, because You Lord, know what is really best for my life, what truly makes me happy.

My God, I wish that everything I do and perceive reminds me of You, to set the fixed course that You have traced for me. I give myself into your hands to be taken as your servant, as an instrument of fidelity and fraternal love and thus, to reach the hearts of my brothers and sisters who are most in need of you.

Teach me always to appreciate everything you give me Lord, to value everything you do for me, from creation to the work you allow me to do. Guide me this day Lord, not to lose the rhythm in case some complication arises on the way, return me immediately if I stumble and be the sun of my mornings always.

Flood my being with your Spirit, that I may do things wisely, that I may use all the talents you give me with righteousness, that none of them may remain hidden because of shame or discouragement. May my heart be courageous to go against the negative things that the world always so cunningly delivers. Take my hand Lord, I feel safer with you.

If as the hours go by, the plans I have go against me, help me not to conflict with me, do not let anxiety win me over or despair destroy all the good things I have been forming a few at a time. 

Wrapped in your grace I begin this day, with the certainty that I will be able to achieve everything under your will and that I am being listened to with great attention by You. Thank you my good Father, to you be glory and honor forever, in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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