Morning Prayer for July 19

Majestic and charming Father, a hope made dawn has awakened in my heart and I want to thank you once again for this great opportunity of life that you give me. Thank you because the desires that I entrusted in my dreams are being fulfilled one by one. 

I want that from the beginning to the end of the day, my mouth proclaims your praises, my arms are raised to heaven to glorify you Lord, that no matter how tired or discouraged I may be, I do not stop talking to you through prayer, nor think of you before any action I take.

Thank you beautiful God, because I have the company of my family once again, because I can hug them, fix some pending issues and continue the projects we have between us. They also have goals and dreams that they wish to accomplish and I ask You to give them a very blessed and productive day.

Watch over them from all evil intentions of the enemy who wants to interrupt their plans. Protect them, O faithful guardian, from all dangers or accidents to which they may be exposed. Teach us always to crown the center of our lives with Your precious presence, blessed Father, that it may be You who directs our path.

O precious Lord, from my littleness I extol your name, you are blessed forever and ever my God, for all that in life I am and long to be, is in your person. A thousand thanks for your infinite goodness, for your immense glory, I praise you.

Thank you dear Father, because you bless me with so much affection by giving me a place where I can work and make my best effort, for the plate of food that I have on my table that neither the biggest nor the smallest of my famil lacks.

Help me to always trust in your purposes Lord. If in the journey of the day things do not turn out favorably for me, please give me patience, to accept calmly the time and the benefit of your will. May my faith not remain vulnerable in those moments, strengthen it my God, You are my rock and my lamp in the darkness. 

Merciful God, with the power of your grace I will be able to achieve all my ideals. Today I ask you, help me to serve you with a simple heart, totally willing to give all that I have for your glory. Because you deserve all the best, Lord, you can make everything new and today I want to give you my life again.

With you I undertake this new adventure illuminated by your love, please do not let me go my God, I need you to color my being. May your Spirit enliven my soul to leave daily stories that rejoice your heart and the hearts of souls who hunger and thirst for You, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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