Morning Prayer for July 2

God of the universe, thank you for the joy you give me of being able to dawn one more day at your side. I feel privileged to be able to contemplate the wonders of your creation with each sunrise. This morning I want to have the wisdom to live according to your commands.

Today I come to thank you for those precious details and for everything else that you grant me as blessings such as the miracle of life in this new awakening, for the health that you give me today to be able to accomplish all that I have written down in my agenda of illusions. I ask you to keep me at all times, so that I can leave home and return safely.

Do not let temptation take over my moments of vulnerability in the face of discouragement, if things do not go as expected. Come to my aid Lord, remove the enemies from my sight and cleanse every space of my soul that has been damaged by sin, wrap me each time in your mercy and make me a new bearer of your love.

I want my whole day to be an offering to You glorious God, to make all my actions pleasing to You. Bless my study center and my work area, so that I may continue to do everything with effort, dedication and no need to be dishonest.

Thank you my good Father, for the food that you place on my table today and because this day you cover my needs with the power of your holy providence. I want to take advantage of all that you give me and let nothing pass me by so that I never forget that my heart must be pleasing.

Immense God do not allow my mind to enter into confusions that make me deviate from your path, be my only truth to see no one but You during the storm, may You be my first and last longing. May all that happens today always be under Your will, may my trust cling to You with a unique need. 

Bless the lives of all those I love the most, my family and all the people who do not know You but who also deserve to have You in their hearts. Shine in their minds the wisdom they need to be able to make the most appropriate decisions for the present and the future of their lives.

Be with us at all times my Lord, teach us to know how to forgive, to give a hand without expecting anything in return, no matter what they have done, no matter what they are. Teach us to look like You my God and to maintain unity among us, to continue to persevere through our works and prayer.

I am ready to begin this new day Lord, give me your blessing and grace to be victorious to the end. Walk with me and give me the patience I need to take calmly the people and situations that are coming, in the name of our good friend Jesus, Amen.

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