Morning Prayer for July 20

Mighty and dear God, how good it is to be here and to know that my wishes have been fulfilled with this new sky that dawns near my window. These moments that seem to be so simple and everyday, are very enriching for me.

Thank you adored Lord, because today I have the opportunity to be happy again, to amend some mistakes I made or perhaps to be able to finish some plans that were left unfinished. I would like my God, to be able to find your will in every thing I do, in every hand I lend or in every hug I can give.

I want to praise You with every beat of my heart, with every step I take this morning, with every word I can share today with my brothers and so I can reflect the mark that You have left, revolutionizing the world in Your pure love.

For You blessed God and Father of my life, You are holy, and all the glory that every being on this earth can offer, be to You, for Your immense charity, for the look of faith that You impart to all nations. 

I would like to enlighten this morning a little more with my gratitude, with all the affection that I want to express to you. Thank you for the joy of having a safe space, as is my home, because I have the joy of being able to greet and share again with my family, because you grant me one more day to be able to work in an honest way and thus be able to bring sustenance to my table.

I ask You for my family, take care this morning of all their plans, of all that with great illusion they carry in their hearts, and that when they are realized one by one, they do not forget neither of You nor of all those who supported them. 

This beautiful morning, I would like to ask you my God, for the people who feel very discouraged, unsure of the value they have as a person or have stopped believing in your promises, disappointed by the hard circumstances of life. 

I place dream by dream, purpose by purpose at your feet my God, not to stop trusting in all that you have prepared for me, whether things go in my favor, or if they do not go as I expected. May I not give up precious Father, for the greater the difficulty, your glory is invincible.

With hope in my eyes, I begin this day with you Lord. I desire to do all that I can to please you, to form myself in dignity and much righteousness without losing my essence. In You I hope, my God, I love You today and always in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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