Morning Prayer for July 21

Gracious Father, you enlighten my soul once again with this new dawn. Thank you for the first lights of love that you give me this day, because my heart begins to be enthusiastic about the things that today you have destined for me, sometimes I feel a little fear for the adversities, but with your company everything will be more bearable and glorified.

I feel blissful because I have awakened well, with my senses ready to perceive your presence from this beautiful sky painted with such thoroughness, to the kisses and hugs of people that you will put on me on this morning’s journey. 

This morning blessed God, I thank you for my life, for having watched over my rest during the night, because you did not let the enemy disturb my dreams. Thank you that I have a safe place where I can rest and take refuge from danger, that you do not let me and my family be in need, that you never abandon us.

I ask that you continue to watch over their lives and all the projects that they are about to undertake today, so that they do not cease to consider you, much less cease to be pleasing to you.

May our union always be because You are in our midst, help us to be able to seek You at all times and try to solve our difficulties with prayer. For You formed us my Lord and our hearts belong to You, thank You for being so merciful and making us abide in Your infinite love.

God of glory, may my room be more illuminated with my adoration, because the glory is yours and no matter how much storm I may go through daily, my mind and my body will always praise your greatness, the immensity of your goodness.

In You, O wonderful Father, I intend to deposit all that I have in mind to do and to say. I have many resolutions, assignments and tasks for today, that before carrying them out, I would like to place them in the will of your hands, there is no better place for a heart in need of your presence than there.

Take them into account and instruct me in what is really right for the daily construction of my soul and the constant search for my happiness, I want to be obedient to your commands and faithful in your ways. Do not leave me Lord, you are my refuge and my help when the sun goes down in stormy and difficult times.

If my plans change course, do not allow discouragement to make room in my heart Lord, teach me to be able to accept what you in your divine providence have prepared for me. Give me patience and much wisdom to be able to act with righteousness so that all my actions may be to your liking. Take my hand in this new day my God, I trust in You, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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