Morning Prayer for July 22

Beautiful God, thank you for this new awakening. Today I have a new opportunity to contemplate the beauty of your creation, filling my heart with radiance. I feel very blessed for such a precious gift of dawn, because from the first opening of my eyes, you shine with your love that little by little is enveloping my room.

Thank you Lord, because every day you make it unique and special, showing what we really are for you. Because you shape a different sky day by day, you transmit much kindness in the eyes of my brothers, and your words are the most precise. 

I begin my morning raising a praise with all my gratitude and my affection towards your altar. Because your love always makes it beautiful, blessed are you my Lord for the air I breathe and that many consider it something ephemeral, for this miracle and opportunity to live in your presence, precious Lord. To you all the glory, all your majesty united to the hearts of those who need you.

Thank you for having been my refuge during the night, for having watched over all my dreams like a loving Father. And now that I awake more rested, I am ready to carry out all my activities with the purpose of pleasing you.

Dear Father, for this day I ask you to give me much wisdom to make the wisest decisions for all the circumstances that arise and understanding to know how to accept all the work plan that contains each mandate that you have destined for me, that I never lose everything that by principles, I was formed since I was a child at home.

Holy God, creator of all that surrounds us, I want to continue thanking you for all that you do for me and for others. May I take advantage of this day with much optimism, may the good situations remind me of the joy of living in your gospel, how beautiful and essential it is to follow you. And may adverse situations teach me to appreciate more and more the meaning of my life.

Father of infinite mercy, I would like to ask you this morning for those people who have no one to listen to them, to give them a good hug or a word of encouragement, who for various circumstances have been left alone in the world. May they give nothing lost, because they still have You.

Wrap them in your divine love Lord, give them the opportunity to accept again as your children and the joy of being able to enjoy all your mercy. Give them much prosperity in their activities, please do not stop taking care of them, they need your blessing at all times.

Now yes, I am ready to begin this wonderful day, with the hope that it will be very special because you will be at all times accompanying me and guiding every step I take. I trust that this prayer will be well heard and that under your will, everything will happen, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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