Morning Prayer for July 23

Divine Master, this morning that has just arrived, I want to thank You for having relieved my fatigue during my rest. Because in front of You, I have this new opportunity to serve You and to be pleasing in my heart. Thank you Lord, because today we begin again to write a new story together. 

Thank you my God, because I can wake up wrapped in the mercy of your arms and the sweetness of your gaze. Today I ask you to listen to me and attend to my requests. Lord, guide every step I take with firmness and accompany me with your sun, all my morning, because I need You.

Father of goodness, thank you for the precious gift of family that you give me, for one more day I can enjoy their company and learn a little more of their principles. Dispose of the plans they may have Lord, take care of them very much and at all times, do not forsake or forget them please. 

You know very well the value they have in my life, that my family is the one who supports me in the worst moments, who share and motivate my achievements and accompany me in the difficulties. Help us through understanding and prayer to be more united, so that love may overcome the different ways of thinking that we may naturally have.

In a special way, I would also like to ask you for those people who wake up without purpose or courage in their lives, for those who perhaps are living in a spiritual desert and do not know how to get out of it. Be their water Lord, the source of living water that their souls require, the light for their darkness and the comfort for their hearts.

May your holy and precious Name be what my lips utter without rest every awakening. To Thee is all the glory and all the praise of the universe, for Thou art a very good God, compassionate to the suffering and very slow to anger or impatience. I bring to your cheeks, my praise linked to this prayer with all my love, You deserve all the best always, King of kings.

On this morning, I ask you my Lord that all good things be with me, that the things that I do not really need, you take them away from me, that only your presence be enough for me in life. Do not take your eyes off me please Lord, I want to learn to love you more through all that you offer me.

Do not allow discouragement to take control of my life, if things do not go well today. Give me much patience Lord and understanding to know how to accept your will with much humility and patience, because always what you plan is the best for my life.

Let this day be very profitable for my life Lord and may You be the one who disposes of my actions so that they may finally be to your liking. I begin one more adventure in your presence my God, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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