Morning Prayer for July 24

Wonderful Lord, how good it feels to know that another day has begun, I have been waiting for you in my dreams, eager once again to be able to contemplate your perfect creation from the first hours of the day. How blessed I feel, my God!

I begin this morning placing at your feet my whole life together with the purposes I want to achieve today, I want to take advantage of it to amend some things that were left unfinished and if necessary, to start from scratch. Under your gaze I entrust to you my plans, the duties I have to do and all the thoughts that may come to me, so that you may take everything into consideration.

Saturate my soul with your peace, beautiful God, fill my life with calm so that I may know how to pause at the right moments before acting or speaking, so that you may express them for me. Teach me to be able to take your message to people who are disoriented and need You to fill their emptiness, today I want to be a good servant of Yours.

Today I wake up with much enthusiasm to enjoy every second that passes on this day, all the words I have and know would not be enough to describe your greatness all that you are in my life and in the lives of many, however I raise it to your altar for you to receive it, because it is with all that I have, with all my love, blessed are you forever Lord.

Take care of my family my God, so that all their projects may be well undertaken and that they may achieve all their goals. Do not take your eyes off them, especially in the complicated moments that they have to live, give them the possibility of resolving their doubts by taking refuge in You. 

I ask you to be merciful to those who have not had the privilege of accepting your call, for the people who have decided to direct their lives to paths of apparent good and ended up far from you, for those who have neglected their spiritual health and have been consumed by conformism and routine.

Fill their hearts with your love again, and may they awaken, because tomorrow we will not know if we will still be here and it is necessary to remain in communion with you so as not to lose the course that leads us to the full happiness of your presence.

Thank you Lord because you are always ready for me, to receive me, to listen to me and to give me all your attention. Teach me to be more humble the higher I reach to accomplish my goals and to recognize my mistakes, because that is where man’s true greatness lies.

Remain vigilant throughout this morning please, do not allow me to be corrupted by the evil one, I do not want to stop pleasing you. I trust and keep my hopes in You Lord. All this I ask in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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