Morning Prayer for July 25

Majestic Father, today my eyes are opened contemplating your marvelous creation, inspiring me to begin this humble prayer, as a sign of all my admiration, love and gratitude. Thank you for offering me daily your friendship as one of the best gifts and for taking care of me at night to have restful dreams.

This morning, I want to thank you for this precious detail of living, I put it all in your hands, to have a secure future by your side. Because your love is showing from very early on and it does me so much good. Do not allow me to fall into temptations and keep away all the worries that may discourage my spirit and stagnate me on the way.

Thank you Lord, because today I have the illusion of being able to share many experiences, to enjoy many moments. Because everything good, the best, always comes from You, thank You for the joy that You spread through my brothers and sisters and for Your goodness.

Guide my journey, precious Lord, because my life has no meaning if you are not there, if you do not lead it so that everything can be successful. Help me to increase my faith at all times and to have the patience necessary to achieve all that I have planned, as long as it is under your will.

I ask for your mercy and compassion blessed Father, for those people who at this very moment are going through some difficulty. Fill their lives with courage, give them the hope they seek and the constancy not to give up in the storm. Give them an impetuous spirit, capable of fighting and achieving everything they propose under your word.

Dear God, I pray that I do not lack bread and water for the day, especially for my family. May we not lack the food that fills my soul, take care of my heart Lord, I need you to cleanse it constantly from pain, resentment and sin. Pour all your grace on my home, be my protective shield this day.

I also ask you very much for my family, because they are the most important people in my life. Give them the strength they need to face their problems, they are a very clear sign of your love, your help and your understanding. 

May they be able to keep calm in difficult moments and not despair if things go against their plans. May they understand that you are present in these situations and that you allow all of this in order to enlarge their soul. Accompany them everywhere they need to go and bring them back home safely.

Thank you Father of my heart, for listening to me, I have the illusion that today will be a very special day. I begin this morning under your blessing, I want to be an instrument of your mercy and charity. Give me the security and confidence I need to not be afraid of anything, You go with me, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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