Morning Prayer for July 26

Sovereign and precious Lord, this beautiful morning I stand in your presence, after having rested very well during the night. Thank you Father for this first wonderful gift of life. I am filled with your grace to begin this day with great joy and optimism. 

Today my God, I abandon myself to your immaculate feet, I ask you to give me the wisdom I need to be able to find good solutions to the problems that are coming this day, or to the problems that I have been dragging for a long time. 

I have the confidence that you are by my side and so we walk together, thank you for not abandoning me and not letting me be in need in my home. Take care of my life with your protective hand and help me to maintain serenity in situations where they become uncomfortable or tense. 

Lord, this morning I offer you with a hopeful heart and with much affection, the life of my family. Thank you for giving me the joy of having one, when many do not have that privilege. Thank you for taking good care of them and keeping them healthy. 

If they have some wounds, heal them Lord, cleanse their hearts and give them the opportunity to carry out all their activities with much success. Lead them to your right, do not let them turn away from your presence in difficult moments, that everything that arises can be solved with the power of your precious hand and not go backwards.

There is no other person who knows me better than You my Lord, You know everything heavenly Father, what fills me with fear, joy and moves me. You know the deepest recesses of my being, what I dream of and what has made me fall into failure on some occasions.

I would like to ask you for all the people around the world, for those who are doing well in life, so that they do not cease to be grateful and for those who do not find meaning in their lives when they wake up in the morning, for those who are homeless on the streets, beaten by indifference. 

Listen to my prayer, merciful Lord, I thank you again for the wonderful details that fill my life with joy and motivate me to start this great day with much dedication and encouragement, for resorting to my call for help in my moments of darkness and for not ceasing to love me.

I trust fully in your word, in your designs, I know that you will grant me a day full of You, of joys and much encounter. Deliver me from everything that makes me fall into sin, do not allow the enemy to take my fragility and make me go back in all that I had trouble transforming for so long in my heart, in you I take refuge, in the name of Jesus alive, Amen.

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