Morning Prayer for July 27

Lord, King my whole life, good morning. Once again it is morning and it is a great joy to be able to live one more day in your presence. Today I want to fill you with many words of admiration, of praises that adorn your precious sky, because your goodness is truly infinite and your love, the best there can be in this world. 

Thank you for the opportunity to rest in your arms, under your watchfulness, for taking care of every part of my dreams, for being present in them. All this has recovered me, enough to start this day with great strength and with my eyes ready to contemplate you in everything that surrounds me.

My God, this morning I ask you to give me a little of your calm, of that inexplicable peace that fills the soul too much and spreads to others. Help me in the trials that arise, I want to be a true instrument of your love, take my life, my heart and take it with you, give it the form that I really need to follow you.

Blessed are you sovereign God, for you can do all things, from healing hearts and restoring life to those who have lost it, Glory and majesty to you alone Lord! Love and adoration forever to You, savior of lives.

Because You never forget my need, You do not take into account my imperfections and You always have bread to offer me at my table with my loved ones, thank You Lord for the clothes and the space I have to be able to form my home and take refuge in it, because You already have a precious plan for my life.

If this time, things do not work out as I was thinking, I ask you merciful Lord, do not let my soul despair, help me to continue with the certainty that You have a better ideal than mine and that I am an important part of it, if my confidence does not weaken under any circumstances, because my happiness can only be found in You, my God.

I ask You for my family, for my home so that they may not suffer hardships, so that You may be the writer of their day to day life. Thank You for letting them accompany me in this new day, because among us we can find You and know more of You, of Your precepts. May prayer be our fervent bond of union, perseverance and understanding. 

Beloved King, I also pray for the lives of those who do not know your existence and are submerged in vices, clinging to things or people that will not give them what they really need and are in a routine that is increasingly destroying their lives. By your infinite goodness, take pity on them please, You are the only thing they need not to beg for love and happiness.

Although I do not know what I will really live today, I trust blindly in you Lord, everything will be favorable to me if you go with me as you say in your promises, until the end of the world. Take away all fear or rancor that prevents me from enjoying your glory and your presence, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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