Morning Prayer for July 28

Gracious Father, good morning. Thank you for this precious gift of life that you gave me with this new dawn. I open my eyes and contemplate the beauty of your landscapes that look out my window. Thank you for taking care of me all night long, for watching over my dreams and helping me to be with more energy to start this new journey.

Thank you for the first blessings of the day, because I have had a roof where I can lie down with the security of not being exposed to the dangers of the streets. Thank you for once again placing my family close to me, because they have one more day of life and I can enjoy their advice, their company and learn a little more of your love through them. 

Today I wake up with my lips ready to pronounce all possible praises, I want to exalt your Name above every existing name. May all that exists and lives praise you precious Lord, may I repeat with every beat of this heart how much I love you and need you Lord. 

Bless this day, because in it, I deposit all my dreams, my fears, my short-term goals, for You to analyze them and see if all this is what really suits me and enrich my spiritual life, take them as an offering in your hands Lord.

If things do not go as I expect, calm my mind, do not allow me to lose my patience, control my impulses, because the least I want is to hurt you or my brothers with my mistakes. 

Be with me Lord, I need You as the food that You lovingly place on my table to share with my loved ones. I pray for their lives, for they too have dreams and fears. 

Send this day your Holy Spirit to be my faithful companion and to motivate me when things do not go as I expect. Do not leave me blessed God, cover my life with your infinite mercy, I cling to You to confidently begin this beautiful gift You gave me.

With much fervor, I would like to ask You merciful Father, for all the families of the world, so that You may be the one who reigns in their midst. May they always forgive each other when they have offended and understand that they are the pillar of a better future, that they are the first school of principles and values. Help them to always treat each other based on love and kindness, may prayer be a powerful tool to solve all problems.

I begin this great day with a look full of hope, because I know that You go with me. Take my hand Lord and teach me to see your will in the simplicity of things and in the hearts of the most needy, I ask all in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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