Morning Prayer for July 29

God of infinite love, today I can wake up with much encouragement, knowing that my lungs are filled once again with your breath of life. It is for this reason that I dispose all my heart and my being to praise your holy name in gratitude for all your wonders deposited in me.

From now on, this day is very beautiful for me, thank you for such a precious detail of love, I hope to live it to the fullest, valuing everything you give me. I am certain that sustained by your grace, I will be able to achieve all that I have in mind. Stay with me, good Lord, be with me in all that awaits me today.

Precious God, today I have many things to accomplish, I want to obtain them with much responsibility and effort. Give me the wisdom to make the most prudent decisions that may benefit my spirit. 

Today I would like to ask you for the welfare of my family, take good care of their lives because they also have dreams and many goals to accomplish. They are the most important people in my life, I entrust them to you this morning, Father of goodness, so that you may direct them correctly, and fill with consoling fire, the hearts of each one of them.

Do not forsake them, though we are unworthy of You. Come and dwell in our house, Divine Master, do not let us suffer hardship, that we may always obtain what is truly just and necessary for our lives. Be the engine that drives us to continue step by step on this path, that the more beautiful we make it, the less long it becomes.

Take this day, I bring it to your glorious presence as an offering of love, that you may take control of all my words and actions. Enlighten my mind with your intelligence to make the most assertive decisions for today. Give me the possibility to honor you in every step, in every thing I can do. 

I wish that this day you could resolve my doubts, to know your will. I trust that it will be given, because those who hope in You will not be confused as it is well said in your word. May they not give up in the face of difficulties, I want my heart to be able to hear your voice, because I will not stop fighting to be the person you really want to form.

My God, let me walk under your divine presence Lord, may the flame of my joy not be extinguished by some bitterness, nor may the moments of sadness make me distrust You, your incomparable love. Do not allow me to lose the path that you have traced for me, Lord.

Merciful Lord, I ask that today you may hear what I share with you in my prayer and thus be able to obtain your favor in all that I raise to heaven as a prayer. Give me health to finish what I left unfinished, in the name of Jesus, forever and ever, Amen.

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