Morning Prayer for July 3

Holy God of infinite love, a new dawn has dazzled before my eyes and it is a sign of a great beginning. I perceive your greetings of welcome with the warm rays of sunshine, which are illuminating my room and with great joy today I want to say Thank you Lord!

This morning, I wish to please you with all my actions and praises. And I begin, placing all that I have planned today to your divine providence, because no one but You know me perfectly, more than myself; and You also know how much I strive to achieve the best for me and to support my family.

Take all the most sincere desires that remain impregnated in my heart, so that they may be fulfilled under Your will. I cling to You, for there is no one like You Lord, in faithfulness in patience, in love; and I could not imagine doing my things without putting You in the first place of all. 

Walk beside my adored Father, do not let temptations take the lead of my fragile moments and cause me to stray from your ways. Guide me always in your mercifully traced paths and lead me to you. Remove every evil that keeps me from hope this day. 

Lord and our Father, do not let my gaze turn away from the sky all morning long, I want to be silent within myself at the right moments to know how to listen to what you tell me. Give me the blessing of being able to enjoy second by second this beautiful day and to be able to recognize you even in the simplest things.

I want to take advantage of this morning to ask your blessing on my family. I ask you for all the work they are about to undertake, for their lives so that you remain in them as the center of all that they have been and will be. Do not let emotion make them forget You, may they be ever grateful for all the goodness You shower upon them and all that they want to achieve. 

Most High God, increase my faith to believe in You at all times and always give You first place. May this morning be very profitable and may this faith that I ask of You be shared with all my brothers and sisters and the people who have distanced themselves a little from Your presence. 

I desire, beautiful God, to seek you more and more. Because You are in the simple and even daily things and sometimes we are the ones who complicate things so much. Help me to see You in the eyes of my parents, of my children, of my friends or in the smile of the little ones and even in the suffering of the most needy.

Merciful Father, today I begin this day with the certainty that you will be by my side as my faithful companion in my adventures. With you I have nothing to lose Lord, let us begin this morning under your blessing and in the Most Holy name of Jesus, your Son and King of kings, Amen.

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