Morning Prayer for July 30

God of glory, a great day has arrived in my life. Thank you for staying by my side, for helping me to sleep peacefully at night, because in your immense love today I feel covered, it is the best thing to start this great day with all the enthusiastic attitude and hope that everything will go very well.

Thank you God of my heart because today I have the possibility to take advantage of this new gift of life, thank you for listening to all that in my tiredness I was asking you and now I am sure that on this day, great things are waiting for me and if trials arise, with you by my side, I will be able to face everything and come out victorious.

This morning I would like to ask you to help me to find a solution to the problems that constantly afflict me, filling my mind with many worries. Be good Lord, accept all of this and give me the strength I need to not let myself be easily knocked down by these difficult moments. 

I surrender myself completely to You Lord, because I am sure that if everything becomes dark, your powerful light will light up my life wherever I am. Help me to be faithful in hope and charity. You are the staff where I lay my life to be sustained and strengthened.

Blessed Father, this morning give me a heart full of overflowing love. First, heal any wounds I may have, I feel you must change it. Teach me to be humble like You, so that I may not offend You nor offend my brothers and sisters. 

My Lord, I desire that this morning be very profitable for me, that all the actions that I perform, be to your liking. Teach me to appreciate all that you do for me, to know how to act as a true servant of love, that in prayer, I may find a refuge for my soul and strengthen my life constantly.

Precious God, I pray this morning for the lives of people who have awakened with a hopeless outlook on life, those who are distressed by financial problems, serious illness or personal conflict. Help them to understand that this is not eternal, that everything passes, that they have faith in You, in Your promises because You never fail Lord.

Now, I am about to begin this day with the certainty that you are attentive to everything I ask of you, that you listen to my prayers and that you will give me encouragement to continue motivated along the way. If difficult moments arise, give me the calm to pause, understand that this is part of life and then continue.

May I consecrate myself anew to You this morning. Allow me to have a peaceful day full of joy, of much sharing and of much fraternal love. Accompany me with your wisdom, so that I may know how to act in the right moments, all this I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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