Morning Prayer for July 31

My faithful Shepherd, good morning. Today I wake up renewed in your presence and my heart feels ready to start this day with the vision of fulfilling your will in everything I do. I have faith and hope that today will be a day of much profit, because you are here by my side, take with good eyes the plans that I have today my God.

Live in me, Lord, so that people will not see me but You, as the source of living water that they were always looking for to quench the thirst of their soul. Use me as a faithful instrument, to share all that you offer us.

I want to take advantage of this moment to ask You for my work at the workplace, so that everything I do may be successful, so that I may obtain abundance and great experience and thus be able to support my family. Because You know very well all the effort I invest in order to achieve my purposes. Grant me your favor, blessed God. 

My Father, always come to my call, always hear my supplications. When the road is difficult, hear me and hide me under your shadows. Do not leave me alone under any circumstances. Pour all your blessing and protection on me and the people I love and give us a wonderful day, filled with your peace.

When things do not go as I expect, may you be the one who solves my problems, who acts with wisdom so that everything may be for the best. Lord, do not allow me to despair if my plans do not work out. Help me to discern correctly so that in silence, I may understand what You want from me daily.

Thank you for letting me participate once again in the company of my family, because thanks to them I can understand a little more of your selfless love. And if at any time problems come home, help us to unite in prayer to have you as the center of my home so that we can give them a very favorable solution. Teach us to forgive each other and not to hold grudges.

By your holy hand, may we enjoy this opportunity of life under your grace, may we enjoy the greatness of your mercy. Thank you for the work, the food you place on my table to share and for the space where we can take refuge from dangers.

Thank you for your infinite compassion, for your love that has no measure, that makes everything beautiful, even in adversity. Thank you because from very early on your presence is manifested, filling my heart with many undeserved illusions but which will help me to value all that you give me.

Deliver me from all the evil that the enemy will sow, protect my whole life, Lord. I trust that you will grant me all that I ask from my heart. I begin this day accompanied by You and in the name of Jesus, your beloved Son and redeemer of the universe, Amen.

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