Morning Prayer for July 4

Strong and kind God, thank you for this beautiful day that you light for me, because you allow me to enjoy it from the first opening of my eyes. Thank you for this miracle of love that you grant me to have a new dawn, because you listen to me and you make yourself present from the smallest to the most immense that can exist in this world, for having taken my oblation with much affection and making it real today.

This morning my heart is pumping with praise for your name, because you always show that everything has a meaning and a solution, because your divine mercy invites me to do it. Because in spite of not being the best example of testimony of life and holiness, You continue to choose me and look at me with the same love as always. 

Beloved Lord, today I ask you as a favor, that you continue to give me reasons and motives to magnify your name with my words, my voice, my look or my actions. Today I ask you to give me the wisdom and prudence necessary to know how to behave in the face of the many adverse situations that may arise, so that I do not lose the meaning of my life or that of others.

Thank you, precious Father, for giving me a family that welcomes me every day, for the roof that you offer me to rest, to recover my strength so that today I can do things better than yesterday. Thank you for cheering up my tired body from the daily hustle and bustle, for being by my side.

Lord and my God, I ask you not to let me walk alone please, may my need be latent and please you as I did not do yesterday. Be the center of my life, of my work, of my studies, of my family, of everything that exists. May prayer be one of the most sublime ways to approach You daily. 

My God, I would like you to give me your strength today more than ever because I have some situations that are a little complicated to go through and if I decide to face them alone, I will not be able to. That is why I ask You to take this illness, this economic lack, these differences with a friend or family member, so that You can dispose of me and do what Your will requires.

Thank you Lord because I can share your love with others, so that they know that in you they can find friendship, fidelity and hope. All that I have planned for this day I place it as an offering in your hands, so that you may help me to examine what really suits my soul.

I do not want to begin this day without first asking You for the people who are far away from You, because they were once hurt. Open their hearts again and fill them with mercy so that they may trust You again and not be afraid to give their all in love.

May I lack nothing this day, neither love nor faith, may I lack your presence. I hope you hear all that I ask from my heart and I give you. I begin this new day under your blessing beautiful Father, in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

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