Morning Prayer for July 5

God of mercy, good morning. This morning, my heart wants to express all its gratitude towards your altar. Thank you because this morning you return to caress my soul with your breath of life, a life that today I want to consecrate once again to be yours also my Lord. 

Thank you blessed God for having allowed me to rest in your arms and painted a new dawn full of opportunities to build my essence. I ask you to please bless me today, keep me in good health until the end and give me the strength that comes from your grace to be able to overcome all the adversities that will arise as time goes by.

Heavenly Father, thank you very much for the awakening of my family, because they remain by my side to continue sharing many anecdotes. Help me to continue giving everything for them too, so I can be the support they need. Guide their every step and enlighten their minds, I need You today, Lord. Dwell in me.

Today I pray for those who have awakened in this world without courage, without the desire to risk it today, to follow your precepts. Help them to know how to recognize themselves as your beautiful children and be willing to start from scratch, with a new approach, which will help them not to lose faith, nor the hope that the best is yet to come in their lives, if they have faith. 

Help them to be calm and wise enough to pause a little, to understand that there is a reason and a motive under the sun and to wait patiently on You. Nourish their souls with Your Spirit and fill them with strength, so that they do not lose the will to continue walking even if the paths are rocky, give them the assurance that You will protect them and they will be under Your holy care.

My Lord, do not allow negative thoughts or feelings of sadness to ruin all the plans that I have carefully forged today. Remind me that I will always find all good things in You and if we are together, there is no need to fear because You will accompany me as my faithful squire, for under Your shadows I will always find the best refuge.

Precious Lord, may I never forget that your name comes first of all, to pronounce it at every dawn and at every moment where the sun goes to rest. May my lips never tire of calling you, nor of raising praises pleasing to your ears. 

If there are things that I truly do not need, help me to let go of them and take what is truly right for me. And if the plans that I have structured for today do not work out in my favor, give me the patience and understanding of your plans that will always be better and more profitable than I can imagine.

Thank you beloved God, because I feel that you hear me and you could grant me the day I ask for today. Take care of every step I may take and if I should stumble, help me to get up and not waste time to get my act together and continue, for I believe in You, O good Father, and in the power and name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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