Morning Prayer for July 6

Blessed God, owner and Lord of the entire universe, today I would first like to contemplate the beauty of your sunrise. I stop for a few minutes to think about the details that you give to the sky, to my room, to my body with the breath of life, and I feel so fortunate Lord, that I want to thank you so much for such precious gifts. 

Thank you beautiful Father, because you have also given me gifts this morning, to be able to make of your word, a testimony. I ask that you do not allow doubt or insecurity to occupy any space in my mind, that through your infinite goodness I may feel safe and secure. 

Preserve my home Lord, take care of each member of my family, You know how many I love and I always hope the best for them. Watch over them with great care every step they take, give them a beautiful day, full of blessings and many things to take advantage of. 

Take care of them from all evil dear God, do not be absent from their sides or let them be in need. Give them the opportunity to be able to work hard, to strive so that they may have a plate of food on their table daily, so that they may not be left without clothes, may not cease to hunger and thirst for You through prayer and other ways of approaching your feet. Give them the disposition so that your Word may transcend throughout their lives.

Precious Lord, may the rays of your burning sun of love reach into the darkest corners that many people have. Have mercy on the world that remains in darkness, on the people who do not know what to do with their lives since dawn, on those whose souls have been gradually extinguished by discouragement because hope no longer exists in their hearts.

Pour out your Spirit upon me Lord, so that I do not make mistakes by making the wrong decisions in the course of the day. Defend me from the enemy and hide me under your shadows my God, may the negative words of people not affect me or cause my faith to waver.

Give me the joy of being able to fulfill with responsibility all my activities, from the smallest to the biggest and most complicated. May everything remind me of You so that I may never cease to praise You and seek You in my prayer.

Merciful Lord, allow me to know You a little more and learn from You, from what You offer us, promise us and entrust to us. Give us the possibility to serve with love and much dedication, to share with my brothers and sisters all your teachings and give me the patience to be able to understand their every attitude.

I hope with all my heart that my petition will be heard and become a reality in my life. May this day be very profitable for me Lord, I want to draw smiles on your face with my actions. Remove evil from my ways, do not let me fall into temptation my God. I hope in You, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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