Morning Prayer for July 7

Beautiful Lord, thank you for fulfilling one of my most fervent desires: to wake up one more day in your presence. Because I can stand on my feet thanks to your breath of life, because I have dawned with health. I feel with recharged energies, thank you for this morning full of new opportunities and convictions, I have the hope that today will be a great day, give me your blessing, O Father, to start with the right foot of your grace.

Blessed are You glorious Father, because daily You give me joy and talents to make them part of my essence and then share them with others. Honor to You always, because You show us Your love, as the true path to happiness.

Today I ask You to give me the prudence to be able to do things well, give me the wisdom to be able to decide correctly and the precise time, in any situation that may arise. Guide my mind so that I may always know where to go and not lose sight of your teachings and commands.

Once again Lord of my life, I would like to thank you for this day that has just begun for me, for this precious gift that you give me with much affection and that not everyone has this joy or some people do not know how to value it. Help me to take advantage of every second of this day with great joy of being blessed and chosen with love. 

 Open doors in their lives merciful God, that they may trust in your divine providence, because You have a perfect, good and pleasant time for those who have faith in You. Give them a very productive day and encouragement to continue fighting for their goals.

Divine God, infuse through the light of the sun, hope and goodness for all people, without exception. Let the world darken no more, let it not be clouded with indifference and evil. May understanding for each other be the tools to be able to live in harmony and not lose the sensitivity that makes us more human in your eyes.

I feel very grateful for the family you gave me as a gift. I ask you to take good care of them, do not let them be in need or sadness. Deliver them from the danger of the enemy, keep them away from temptations or evil thoughts that will not let them enjoy this gift of dawn.

If any of them have something stored within their being that hurts them a little at a time, help them to break that armor, to no longer be afraid to show you their wounds so that they may be healed by You, blessed Father. 

Great God, today I dispose my whole life to begin this day, I give You my trust so that You may listen attentively to all that I share with You and continue to grant me a beautiful day. Teach me to live like You and to give love to those who need it most, I follow You Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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