Morning Prayer for July 8

Adorable Father, a new day has arrived in my life and in these moments I prostrate myself before your presence to thank you because you allow me to open my eyes full of hope for this day, because you allow me to be in the company of my loved ones. 

I wish that the only need I have is to fill my soul with your presence. I need, blessed God, that today You guide me in every step I take, that You go by my side along the path that You have lovingly forged for me and that You be the one who goes ahead of my thoughts, to make the most appropriate decisions for everything I have to live. Because without You, my smile is not true, nor my hugs the best.

This morning divine God, I ask you to cover me with the rays of your light, may they fall on my life and on the life of my family; may union, strength and understanding live in our home. May all this help us to preserve fraternity in this world that is increasingly broken, full of hatred and evil. 

Come Lord and be my firm rock, to support me in moments of weakness, where I seem to be drowning in the deepest abyss of despair. Help me to go on even when everything seems very difficult, beautiful Father.

Today I want to reaffirm my faith, my Lord. I am willing to enjoy every moment that you give me, every detail that you give me, wrapped in your wonders. I want you to know that every plan I have, carries your Name. Give me the favor of being able to achieve all the objectives that are already outlined, as long as they are in your will. 

Take my prayer blessed God, for this day to be very fruitful. Take control of each of our activities and be with us during the day. Watch over us from danger as we return to our homes please.

Be the squire I need to overcome temptation and anything that wants to harm me. I give you my life together with my plans, my work and my studies so that all may be under your faithful and powerful care, my God.

You are majestic Lord, to You I always raise my arms and voice in sublime praise. Blessed are You, O wondrous Creator, for Your love knows no bounds and You continue to make revolutions with Your infinite mercy. May everything in existence praise your name forever blessed God, there is none like You.

Thank you for allowing me to converse with you my God. Do not go, stay and accompany me this day that is beginning. Take my hand and together we embark on the new journey towards full happiness under your precepts and all your teachings, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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