Morning Prayer for July 9

Loving Father, good morning. With my body more rested and my heart more encouraged, I come before You to thank You so much for this precious dawn which is the first token of love that You have for me this day. 

Thank You for having taken care of me during the night from the dangers of the enemy. For giving me a safe roof where I can rest, for the food that You put on my table every day so that I will not be in need, for the work that You give me to form me as a responsible person.

I also thank you for giving me such a beautiful family, which formed me in principles and filled me with much love. Because in spite of my defects, they do not abandon me and show me their support in all the decisions I make. Take good care of them, my good Lord, and give them a very profitable day, where they can also look for you in the simplicity of things. Bless the projects they have and bring them back home safely after their day’s work.

Do not allow the enemy to separate us, if at any time we have any difficulty, remind us that everything has a solution if we take refuge with great faith in You. May our prayer always unite us and strengthen our bonds, despite our differences.

Today I have many plans, projects and people to visit, I place them all at your feet, so that you may accompany me at all times, help me to examine activity by activity and see what really suits me spiritually. I desire with all my heart that everything may be successful my God, I place every part of my life under your care.

Remind me immediately, that your plans will always be better than mine, that You will never allow anything that will harm me or take me away from You, give me patience Lord, to pause and know how to accept your precepts.

Because your logic is different my God, You are so great, that words are lacking to describe how wonderful You are. My heart wants to accompany the rays of sunshine with my praise, because your love is the most sublime thing that can exist in this world, and because your glory is different from the earthly, Your word never passes and your mercy transcends. Blessed are you forever Lord of my heart.

Drive away every evil thought and temptation that would lead me astray from your ways Lord, if I stumble, extend your mighty hand and lift me up with a leap of faith. Let me not be harmed, protect me with your protective mantle, my God, may I take refuge in You.

Thank you my Lord, for listening to me. Be with me this day, for with You I can do all things. Pour your blessing on me and my family so that everything we do may remind us to always be grateful and humble of heart. I begin this great day by your hand Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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