Night  prayer for January 1

Divine Lord, the day has come to an end. I find myself on my knees to direct my prayer towards You. I want to thank you because today You give me your protection, love, and care. Thank you because you did not allow evil to take hold of me, or to come near my house. Thank you, blessed God, because only with your company can I feel entirely happy.

Almighty God, tonight I want to give you all my fatigue, my pains, and all my worries. I ask you, blessed Father, that you can take from my head all thoughts of discouragement, fatigue, and hopelessness, that you can relax my mind so that nothing disturbs me when I sleep, and thus I can rest peacefully.

I also want to ask You, dear God, for my physical rest, so that You are the one who alleviates the illnesses and pains that my body may suffer. Be the doctor I need so that nothing can get in the way of my desire to regain my energy for tomorrow. Blessed God, I want my soul to also be able to find calm and quiet so that it is not tempted to fall into evil.

I thank you, Holy Father because on this day I held on to your powerful hand and I was able to carry out the plans that I had. Thank you, my God, because the decisions I made were the correct ones, thank you that you paid attention to my prayer at all times and because you allowed me to reach the end of the day enjoying health and well-being.

I want to thank you, my good Lord, for the grace to grant health to my family, thank you for being their protector at all times, and for allowing us to gather in the middle of our table to share a dinner with the food that comes from your hand.

Thank you because you give us security at work and because you watch our steps to return to our home where we seek refuge. Thank you, blessed Lord, because you place your strong shield on the doors of my house, preventing the evil one from interfering in our tranquility.

Stay with me tonight, Lord, taking care of my dreams and listening to my prayer. May these humble prayers become a beautiful offering before your eyes, since I do it from the bottom of my repentant heart, which loves you above all, God of my life.

Thank you, blessed Father, because you allow me to feel loved and protected by your hand. Now I am about to rest my body and clear my mind to have a rest that can replenish my strength. Grant me one more day of life, if that is your will, in the mighty name of your Son Jesus Christ, Amen.

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