Night prayer for January 2

Blessed Creator, the last lights of the day are extinguished and I come before You on this serene night to thank You for the moments that you allowed me to enjoy and share, for the health that you allowed me to enjoy, and to implore your blessing and your forgiveness. My lord, do not turn away from me tonight.

Holy Father, I implore your paternal mercy to keep me under the shadow of your wings and thus make my heart and mind have inspiring dreams that serve as hope for a better tomorrow. Tonight, my lips want to sing glories and praises to your name, having the confidence that you will give me the happiness of a new awakening.

Precious God, I come on my knees to ask for your forgiveness, I come to beg for mercy because I know that I have made mistakes and because I know that some of my actions have not been the best. Father, may your mercy reach me and forgive all my faults, for you know that they have not been intentional. Forgive my lack of control, my character, and my behaviors that can damage the susceptibility of my brothers.

I ask you to grant me a rest that can renew my energies and that your resplendent goodness illuminates all this dark night. I ask you to keep my prayers in mind, but may your holy will always be done. Precious Lord, pour out your spirit and make me become a better person.

Stay by my side, blessed Father, may your hand make me wake up tomorrow morning so that my heart will overflow with joy. Pour out your divine spirit tonight so that my dream is not awake and so that the enemy cannot disturb my rest.

Tonight, I want to ask you for your blessing for my family, my good God, for the people I love the most on earth, and for my friends who make me become a better and better person. I thank you for their lives and for the grace that you show in their labors, that they may obtain your favor to be able to sustain their homes and to be able to live in a house full of harmony and happiness.

I also want to ask you, my beloved God, for those people who are going through difficult times, serious and complicated situations, so that tonight they seek your presence to find the comfort they need and thus be able to rest in your arms.

Father of mercy, I ask you that you can grant me the grace to have a new awakening to conclude with the plans that I could not today. I ask you to give me the necessary rest to revitalize my energies and emerge successfully from tomorrow’s trials, but above all. Everything, I ask you to fill me with your love and your peace to be a reflection of your love, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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