Night  prayer for January 3

My blessed Father, the night has returned, he accompanies us and, from the side of my bed. I raise a prayer of gratitude for all the moments that you allowed me to experience. Thank you because I have reached the end of the day with health and well-being and because now I am about to get a rest that allows me to regain my strength to have a new awakening.

I thank you for all the moments that made me happy, for the projects that were completed, for the moments enjoyed as a family, for the decisions that were favorable in my work, and for the problems that could be solved. God of mercy, thank you for pouring out abundance into my life and because you are the source of my inspiration to carry on day by day.

Thank you, precious Lord, for the difficult moments that allowed my reflection and discernment. Thank you because in this way I can improve as a person and as your servant. Thank you because in those moments I can find your comfort, your strength and you are always ready to hear my cry. Thank you because you teach me to be humble and because you give me the possibility of experiencing your suffering to glorify you again.

Dear Lord, tonight I ask You for the people who are far from You, for those who are going through moments of illness, moments of affliction, and many attacks. Grant them the strength they need to continue on the way, so that they continue to persevere and so that they do not lose heart on the path to truth.

Beloved Father, I want to ask you to have a rest of mind and body so that you relieve my burdens so that you fan the fire of my heart so as not to fall into discouragement and discouragement. Free me from everything that does not do me good, may my heart be purified and renewed with each dawn.

Grant, tonight, your blessings to my family, protect my home and cover my house with your mercy. Do not take into account the sins and faults that we have been able to commit and give us the docility to accept our weaknesses and seek You to make us strong, Eternal Father.

Give us your love, your union so that we can pray together and seek the salvation we long for. Let us know that the bad days that we may have are necessary to know the happiness of God.

My Lord, thank you for your incomparable goodness, thank you for your mercy and for enlightening this night with your love. Give me the grace to have a new opportunity tomorrow morning and, if it is your will, to have a happy awakening and with great hope of achieving my dreams and my hopes, I ask you from the bottom of my heart, in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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