Night Prayer for April 1

Almighty God, tonight I thank You for having allowed me to live one more day with my family, whom I love, one more day to serve and to be able to amend my mistakes of yesterday, one more day to be an advocate of my testimony and remain faithful to You.

I also give thanks to my beloved Father, for the good things that happened to me today, for the things I received, and for the people who did me good, I thank you Lord for having given me the privilege of enjoying these riches. And although there were people who hurt me today, I do not hold grudges, Lord, because You have taught me about forgiveness, You forgive my sins and I forgive the sins of my brothers against me.

In the same way, I ask You to grant us a full and joyful rest tonight, I also ask You Eternal God, forgiveness for the bad actions I may have done during the day, I know I make many mistakes my Lord, but I strive daily to be better.

I am so grateful to you Father of goodness, and before I close my eyes I must tell you that tomorrow I want to serve you more than today, I want to proclaim your word, I want to be a faithful servant that leads my brothers to your presence and with you by our side I know that everything is better and that everything can be achieved, Father.

Tonight I praise you with my voice and silently I seek you in my prayer, my knees do not tire and my faith is still alive, I ask you to sleep by my side Lord and may you grant me the blessing of feeling your warmth, snuggling me under your sacred mantle, Eternal Father.

All glory is yours my God, Glory to your precious name and Glory to your son Jesus Christ my great Lord, You live in me and all things, Lord You are my source and my light, my star of life and my great protector, do not depart from me Holy Father, protect me and protect my brothers, they need you as much as I do.

Tonight may I reach the rest that my body needs, it has been a rewarding but exhausting day, and my soul seeks a shelter like that dog that seeks a roof in the middle of stormy rain, give me a place in your arms Father, and may it be your will that allows me to enjoy tomorrow once again all that you give me. All this Lord, I ask you with love, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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