Night prayer for January 4

My beloved Lord, tonight I come to praise you and to give glory to your Holy Name. I am very grateful to you, Lord, for allowing the end of the day to come and the night to be with us now. Tonight I want to have a special meeting with you, my God, I want to speak to you directly, I want to experience your love and your extensive goodness.

Tonight I put all my hopes in You, I put all my trust in Your blessed Name because I want to seek You and hope in You because You do not tire of giving me strength, because You constantly lift me up from trials and because You give me protection and care as a Father to a son.

Lord of mercy, I recognize that during the day I have failed you many times, that is why I come repentant in your presence to ask for your forgiveness. I know that my offenses and my bad actions cause you a lot of pain, however, I fall into the same crack, even though I said that I would not fall.

I know that you are a merciful, blessed God, that is why I appear before You to ask your forgiveness tonight for all the mistakes I have committed. Purify my heart, cleanse my soul and straighten the path that I am taking to always find You. Hear my prayer, Holy Father, that I want to stay close to You and not lose your friendship.

Blessed king of my life, help me to achieve the nobility that my soul requires, the humility for my heart. Help me to give a better service to my brothers and to be able to reflect your love towards the people who need it.

Tonight I ask you for those who are experiencing moments of sadness, disappointment, and hopelessness, so that you wrap them in your grace and that you offer them the protection and comfort that they are looking for. I ask You for this young world that every day you make more wrong decisions so that You can be the horizon to which they can look.

Thank you blessed Lord because I know that you are listening to me, thank you that I can feel your presence tonight, and thank you for your infinite mercy. Thank you for all the love that you showed me during the day, merciful Lord, and because you do not allow me to suffer needs. Do not allow me to be separated from You, Holy Father.

I ask you from the depths of my heart, blessed Lord, that you grant me the happiness of having one more day by your side, that you give me the opportunity to conclude the plans that I could not specify, and that I can add many more to my life. If it is your will, my God, give me a new awakening full of blessings and trials, where I can find the paths that lead me to the only truth, which is You, my Lord of Lords, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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