Night prayer for January 5

Oh, blessed Lord, night has fallen and I am about to rest my exhausted body. Thank you. I give you for all the moments that you have given me throughout the day and, from a place in my room, I place myself under your protection and your protection to be able to have a rest without disturbances in the hope of obtaining a new awakening.

I thank you because your mercy was present throughout this journey. Thank you for the learning and lessons that I received on this day. Thank you because you took care of me because you protected me when I returned home and allowed me to meet again with my loved ones. Tonight, Blessed Father, I feel loved by you.

 Today was a beautiful gift for my life. Tonight I want to fill you with praise, songs, and cheers because you have shown yourself to be great and wonderful in my eyes. Almighty Lord, when You are by my side, I feel completely safe at all times and in all places.

Beloved Father, I raise my prayer with great trust and devotion to ask you to take control of my life, my desires, and my life so that you can grant me one more day to try to achieve them. Cover me with your protective mantle, eternal God, and separate me from the snares of my enemies.

Holy Father, immeasurable God and giver of life, I ask you for those who do not have the happiness of having nightfall by their side. Have compassion on them, on their hearts that have turned dark with grief, sadness, and resentment.

Pour out your Holy Spirit on them tonight and give them the hope that they seek, that they hope to find, that they need to be relieved and move on. Blessed God, help us all to recognize you in the smallest details of our daily lives, to have you as the center of our lives, and to let you work in our daily walk.

Blessed God. I have full certainty that while I sleep, You do not stop working on me and on everyone around me. That is why I give you my fatigue, my pain, my bitterness, my sadness, and all the worries that my mind and my heart may harbor so that you can recover them with your calm and tranquility. Merciful God, lay your hand on me and take away all the evils that afflict me in the powerful name of your Son, Christ Jesus.

Thank you, dear Father, because I know that you listened to me and that you are pouring out your blessings tonight. Thank you because you brought me home with goodness and because you not only guided me, but also all my family, friends, and people that I love. For your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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